2013 - PixelSense 40k - C#

PixelSense 40k was the capstone project for my Degree at MacEwan university. The idea behind the project was to enable a miniatures game, like Warhammer 40k, to be played on Microsoft’s PixelSense table, where the only external implements that would be required would be the Miniatures themselves. The figures were read into the table by placing ByteTags that the table is capable of understanding on the base of each of the individual models. The project ended up unfinished, due to the technical issue where after 10 models were placed on the screen, the table would be confused at so many touch events being registered.

This project was produced in Visual Studio. You will need the PixelSense SDK in order to successfully compile the software.

To download the Source Code, click here.


To download the final project report, click here.

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